Nazir Ahmad

Professor Ahmad has been teaching organic and physical chemistry for 47 years.


Professor Ahmad has extensive academic experience and teaching skills, as well as excellent administrative skills resulting from five years of service as departmental head for the department of chemistry in Government College Sahiwal (Pakistan).  He was selected by the education Department of Pakistan to establish and teach science classes in Bauchi State, Nigeria. He taught organic and general chemistry, including both lecture and laboratory. He served as the Head of the chemistry department as well. In addition, Ahmad volunteered at Educator College to teach chemistry to underprivileged children and children from low-income households.


US Degree Equivalency: Master of Science in Chemistry – Evaluated by Educational Credential Evaluators.

  • M.Phil. The University of Islamabad (Quaid-I Azam University)Chemistry 1969
  • M.S. The University of Punjab Lahore, Pakistan Chemistry 1968
  • B.S. Honors The University of Punjab Lahore, Pakistan Chemistry 1967
  • B.S. The University of Punjab Lahore, Pakistan Chemistry 1965

Islamabad, Pakistan

M.phil Thesis

"The Wave Mechanical Interpretation of Electrochemical Concepts" under the supervision of Dr. M.A. Khan

M.S. Thesis

"Determination of Specific Surface Area of Solids by Gas Adsorption" under the supervision of Dr. Mohammed Afzal

Research Interests

  • Developing Green Chemistry Experiments in Organic Chemistry Lab (CHEM 231 & 232 L)
  • Preparing syllabus for Organic Chemistry CHEM 231 Lab & CHEM 232 Lab

Activities and Honors

  • Member of the Globalization committee
  • Student Advisor
  • Nazir Ahmad
    Nazir Ahmad
    Instructor of Chemistry
    • School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
    James S. Thomas, 309